Sugar Skull Brochure

This assignment for a class project was to create a brochure on a folk art form of your choice, which could be given out if the folk art was featured in an event like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I chose the Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls so I could learn more about their cultural significance.

What really gave this project momentum for me was to laser cut the pages in the shape of a skull and have the cover be a sugar skull. After designing the brochure, I printed it on chipboard, and laser cut each page into the skull shape. I used eyelet fasteners to bind the cut out skulls together and allow them to swivel out for reading.

An interactive aspect is that the reader can write the name of a loved one on the forehead of the skull (similarly to how actual sugar skulls are written upon). The designs in the forehead area have a lower opacity to allow for the writing to be more visible. I feel this extra feature can make the object more valuable than just an informative brochure and have more impact on the reader.