Lorwyn Book

Made for my Printed Books class, I designed, printed, sewn, and bound the book Lorwyn, and assembled a slip case to house it . Lorwyn is a fantasy novel by Cory J. Herndon, in the Magic the Gathering card game universe. The novel is about a mythical plane inhabited by various races of Celtic folklore creatures, like elves, fairies, and merfolk; all of whom are experiencing a period of upheaval brought on by dark magic. The book features modified illustrations from the actual trading card characters artwork from the card set Lorwyn. These illustrations were edited to appear more like colored, woodcut engravings. The font used in the body text of the book is the same used on actual Magic the Gathering cards. The logo on the front cover of the book was made by using a custom made foil stamping plate. The slip case features symbols from the card artworks in a repeating pattern.